About Us

Analyzing worldwide energy systems and the technology, economic, and policy options that enable energy efficiency, clean energy, system reliability, and environmental sustainability


The Energy Analysis and Environmental Impacts Division analyzes U.S. and global energy consumption and the associated societal, economic, and environmental impacts.

Why Analyze Energy Use?

  • To maximize the energy, climate, economic, health, and other societal benefits of advanced technologies through research, development, and policy
  • To develop and promote standards and policies that maximize energy efficiency and are technologically and economically feasible
  • To inform public and private decision-making about energy-related issues, such as energy efficiency, demand response, renewable energy, electricity reliability, and electricity resource and transmission planning
  • To assist other countries in achieving sustainable, clean energy

What We Do

Research, development, and providing technical assistance on:

  • Building energy use, including energy-using equipment, and information networks;
  • Energy and environmental impacts in the developed and developing worlds, especially China and India;
  • Energy efficiency standards and codes;
  • Energy markets and utility policy;
  • Impacts of energy use on health in the indoor environment;
  • Life-cycle analysis of products and industries;
  • Renewable energy policy and economics.