Nihan Karali

Nihan Karali
Guest Scientist
(510) 495-8185

Nihan Karali is a Guest Researcher in the International Energy Studies Group at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. She conducts research and analysis on energy, and environment modeling, including industry, transportation, and buildings sectors’ energy efficiency and environment analysis, economic and policy analysis, complex systems modeling, technology assessment and scenario analysis -- to identify robust technology and policy pathways to maximize the energy, environment, economic, and societal benefits of advanced clean energy technologies, cost and benefit analysis; technological change, market adoption, and emerging technology diffusion.


Khanna, Nina, David Fridley, Nan Zhou, Nihan Karali, Jingjing Zhang, and Wei Feng. "China’s Trajectories beyond Efficiency: CO2 Implications of Maximizing Electrification and Renewable Resources through 2050." ECEEE Summer Study 2017. Presqu'ile Giens, Hyeres France, 2017. Presqu'ile Giens, Hyeres France, 2017.
Karali, Nihan, Michael A McNeil, Virginie E Letschert, and Stephane de la Rue du Can. "Potential Impact of Lighting and Appliance Efficiency Standards on Peak Demand: The Case of Indonesia." 8th International Conference on Energy Efficiency in Domestic Appliances and Lighting. Luzern, Switzerland, 2015. LBNL-1003760.