Pia Rodriguez Rodriguez Ortega

Pia Rodriguez Rodriguez Ortega
Guest Scientist
(510) 993-5229

Pía Rodríguez studied an integrated BSc and MSc six-year program in Industrial and Electrical Engineering in Madrid. She worked for a non-profit educational organization in Bolivia during one year. After working implementing SAP at an international corporation, she joined the Institute for Research in Technology (Comillas University – Madrid, Spain), where she worked as a Research Assistant during six years, participating in projects on energy economics and policy for international regulatory authorities and utilities.

Then, she moved to the education sector, teaching Math, Physics and Chemistry at High School, being High School Director, and finally as the Principal of a K-12 school in Spain during six years.

When coming to California, she founded an energy consultancy firm where she works on projects on the field of electricity economics and policy. Since May 2018, she is an Affiliate at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, where she collaborates with the Electricity Markets and Policy Group on projects related to the integration of renewable energy in the electricity sector.