Benchmarking and Energy and Water Efficiency Savings Tool for Wineries


BEST-Winery is a software tool designed to evaluate the energy and water efficiency at a winery, and to help assess the environmental and financial impacts of potential improvement strategies. Given the necessary data, BEST-Winery calculates an energy intensity index (EII) and water intensity index (WII), performance indicators that compare the user's winery to a benchmark or reference facility, incorporating information about winery-specific process steps and characteristics affecting energy and water use and volumes processed by the winery. BEST Winery also allows the user to evaluate preliminary opportunities for energy and water efficiency improvement, to assess the impact on the performance of the facility, and to evaluate operation costs. This can help the user in developing a preliminary implementation plan for energy and water efficiency improvement. As a spreadsheet-based tool, BEST-Winery is designed to be simple enough to be easily usable, yet sophisticated enough to provide credible results. One simple input page is followed by a more detailed optional input page, to allow the user to adapt to the sophistication she needs. BEST-Winery is designed for wineries that produce most wines (except for Champagne-like wines) and that have the tanks and barrels inside a building. Wineries that operate large outdoor tanks cannot use BEST Winery to evaluate the performance of that winery.