Benchmarking and Energy Saving Tool for the Dairy Industry


The Benchmarking and Energy Saving Tool for the Dairy Industry (BEST-Dairy) is a free tool for benchmarking energy/water savings in various dairy processes.

This BEST-Dairy benchmarking tool (V1.2, 2011) is developed for industrial users to compile data on energy and water usage in their own dairy processing plants, and to compare the efficiency levels with those of best references. It is developed and distributed by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL).

The BEST-Dairy tool allows a user to calculate energy and water use intensity and obtain a benchmarking score(s) for the selected plant, as compared with the best available references that we have identified from literature search nationally and globally. With the best references as the baseline, a higher benchmark score normally means higher savings potential from future efficiency improvement in your plant. The BEST-Dairy is intended to serve as a quick assessment of relative energy and water efficiency, which may also help to identify potential savings opportunities in the plant and processes. Users of the BEST-Dairy are advised that additional information and evaluation of the technologies be needed when considering system upgrades.

To use the BEST-Dairy tool, see the contact information listed below.

Plant energy managers, Analysts
Tengfang Xu, Jing Ke, Jayant Sathaye at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
California Energy Commission