MAnufacturing STructure and Energy Research


The MAnufacturing STructure and Energy Research (MASTER) tool is designed to help the users to understand how different factors (production growth, industry structural change, and energy intensity change) influence industrial energy use trends over time. It helps to quantitatively compare the level of structural change (i.e. the change in share of value added share of manufacturing subsectors) in the past and in the years to come, so that if needed the policy makers can adjust their policies to move towards the target of less energy-intensive industries. Different scenarios can be developed using this tool to shows the structural change achieved through different paths and helps to understand the consequences of supporting or limiting the growth of certain manufacturing sub-sectors from the point of view of energy use and structural change.

Based on the energy use and value added data input by the user, the MASTER tool conduct the decomposition analysis for different time periods in the past or in the future chosen by the user. The decomposition analysis results can also be viewed by industrial subsectors. The tool also presents the energy use, value added, and energy intensity trends in graphical form.

Local and national government officials, academics, and researchers.